Live your best life with pure oxygen.

Unlock the Power of Pure Oxygen with Hyperbaric Chambers

Embracing the Breath of Life for Renewed Vitality

Rejuvenate with pure oxygen with every breath.

Oxygen serves as the catalyst for your body’s innate healing capabilities. Numerous contemporary health concerns originate from a deficiency of oxygen at the cellular level. Amplifying your oxygen intake promotes expedited recuperation, fortifies your immune system, and elevates your general health, vitality, and physical fitness.

Elevating Your Body’s Healing Potential: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) entails inhaling pure oxygen within a pressurized chamber, empowering your body’s inherent recovery processes.

OxyHelp Hyperbaric Chambers

State-of-the-art technology to help you feel more alive than ever with every session


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can work wonders to improve recovery.

Certified Over 2 ATA

Low Maintenance & Running Costs

Auto Pressure Control


Pure Oxygen Delivery

Unveiling the Power of Oxygen

Hyperbaricsa INDUSTRY, a European hyperbaric device manufacturer and international distributor, is committed to advancing the technology and advantages of mild HBOT. Our expertise lies in the creation and production of durable chambers.

We’ve earned a distinguished reputation in Europe for delivering and installing state-of-the-art digitally controlled pressurized hard chambers worldwide

Healthier with every breath

Inhale deeply, center your attention on your breath and take control of your life.

Oxygen plays a crucial role in supporting regular cellular metabolism. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is supported by a growing body of research and is increasingly embraced by celebrities for its anti-aging benefits, as well as by professional athletes seeking accelerated recovery after strenuous workouts and intense competition.

The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ca be:



Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, already answered.

What does the standard price for the Oxylife I chamber include?

Price includes the OxyLife I chamber body and the control unit without any other accessories, such as the cooler.


Do you provide any necessary tubing and masks or are those bought separately?

The chamber features standard feeding nozzles on the interior which can connect any type of mask. Find a type you feel comfortable wearing and use it. Please get them locally.

Is your device a medical device and what is the maximum working pressure?

No, all of our products (Oxylife I and Oxylife C) are declared Non-Medical, commercial devices for wellness and relaxation purposes. The pressure used in Oxylife Non-Medical Chambers is up to a maximum of 0.5Bar, 1.5ATA respectively.

If no assistant is present, depth pressures and session times of are pre-programmed on the outside before getting into chamber, then the patient simply pushes the start button inside?


How fast is the depressurization with the emergency stop?

40 seconds.

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